Greetings Gentlebeings!  And welcome to MYIMAGISIMS.NET. 

What is MYIMAGISIMS.NET?  Simply put, it is an expression of the joy of Fantasy.  In this case the genre of Fantasy involves the future of mankind, i.e., Science Fiction.

I am the one known as Barrington.  Like so many others, I enjoy Sci-Fi and things related to it.  And this is my expression of that love.

Like a good book, many have enjoyed and enjoy fantasizing about living in times and lands and doing things that none of us can do today.  Whether you refer to it as “Simming” or “Role-Playing”, it is, essentially, a matter of interpretation.

I started my Role Playing experience as a child, watching cartoon superheroes and such on TV.  I would pretend to be Superman or Batman or Spider-Man.  And I had many friends who enjoyed the same thing.

Back in 1984 I purchased the Star Trek Role-playing distributed by FASA.  I wrote stories and played the game as a tabletop game as well.  As I accumulated the supplements, I added to my own knowledge and expanded my imagination as well.

Always an avid reader of all types of literature, I discovered a love for the technical aspects of Science Fiction: not only the physical science and astronomy aspects, but the engineering side of it as well. 

Over the years I have collected just about every technical manual, encyclopedia and book on the Star Trek Universe.  But I’ve never limited myself to that.  I enjoy Star Wars, and still maintain a 2000+ magazine comic book collection. 

Seven years ago, I discovered Play By Email Sims.  Actually I discovered IRC first.  But after a brief foray into that genre, I settled into PBEM and haven’t looked back.  As an aspiring writer, it was something that I took to like a duck to water, and was surprised to find so many others who enjoyed Simming as well.

In addition to Sci-Fi, I’ve also played Superhero, Fantasy, and Vampire Sims.  I’ve been a GM and a moderator, as well as a “regular” player.  The one constant that I have found is the art of good storytelling is the one constant.  A good plotline will always draw players in.  And a well-run plot will keep them engaged, regardless of what system you are using.

I hope you find  my take on this fantasy universe interesting and of some benefit.  Over the years I have met a lot of great people through the Sim experience.  And I have always viwed the role of GM/Storyteller as a sacred trust.  Fantasy is nothing without someone to appreciate it.  Writing, RPGing, and Simming are for those that are involved in it: the readers and the players.  No GM should ever  make themselves as important or more important than the Game.  GMs create the settings and the conditions, but it is the Players that bring it to life.  It is the property of the Group, not  the GM.  Like a baby, once it grows up, it leaves the parent and  takes on a life of its own.  That is something a good GM must never forget."

“End log.”